PAAW Member

Tri-State Ambulance is a member of the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW).

The Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW) was created in 2005 to represent the interests of ambulance services in the state of Wisconsin.  Initially, the association was started to address revenue shortfalls in medicare and medicaid.  It quickly became apparent there were many other needs and interests to pursue as well.

The primary purpose of the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin is to promote excellence and quality in the ambulance industry in Wisconsin and to;

  • Promote the general welfare of the emergency medical services.
  • Inform and educate the public as to the usefulness and value of emergency medical services.
  • Promote mutual aid in the emergency medical service which may include  between members of the association.
  • Encourage and/or conduct research relating to any phase of the emergency medical service.
  • Disseminate to association members reliable information and data developed and/or gathered as to subjects of interest.
  • Create and maintain a fraternal feeling between the members of the association.

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